Heart Valve Voice, the charity dedicated to increasing awareness and improving the diagnosis and treatment pathways for patients with valve disease and The British and Irish Society for Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery (BISMICS) are happy to be working in partnership.


The partnership will involve not only supporting the important work of the charity but also the promotion of minimally invasive surgery, the importance of timely surgery and treatment of valve disease and empowering patients to be actively involved in the decision making around their treatment.


Wil Woan, Chief Executive of Heart Valve Voice who will be joining us at the upcoming BISMICS conference, said “We are really excited to be working with BISMICS to help spread the word about the importance of valve disease treatment and the options available to patients. It is really great to be partnered with such an amazing group of surgeons and professionals and to ensure that patients are receiving the best treatment options for them.”


With treatments like minimally invasive surgery, there are more options available to patients and this means that they have a better chance of getting their quality of life back quickly. It is important that more patients are aware, not only of disease and its symptoms but also that it is a very treatable disease and that there can be a significantly improved quality of life afterwards.


Clinton Lloyd, BISMICS Chairman, said “We understand the importance of the patient voice and want to support Heart Valve Voice in strengthening that. They have worked hard increasing awareness of valve disease over the last few years and have made some great strides with policy makers. Anything that BISMICS can do to help the charity do more for patients and spread awareness of valve disease and increase the public’s knowledge of minimally invasive techniques we are happy to do.”