Thursday 6th Dec

09.00-09.10     Welcome to Dublin - Michael Tolan,Dublin

                      Opening Address - Clinton Lloyd, Chairman of BISMICS 


Chaired by: Belfast and Barts

09.10-09.25      Intermediate & Low Risk TAVI Trials - Darren Mylotte,Galway.

09.25-09.40     Minimal Access Surgery in Intermediate Risk Patients - EnochAkowuah.

09.40 - 10.00    Varying Transcatheter Techniques Are The Way Forward for AVR - Thomas Modine, Lille,France.

10.05-10.30       German Aortic Valve Registry: Lessons Learned and Ongoing Relevance

                      - Thomas Walther, Leipzig, Germany.

10.30-10.45    COFFEEBREAK

Chaired by:    Brighton & Kings

10.45-10.55     Sutureless Valves -Toufan Bahrami ,Harefield.

10.55-11.05     Inspiris Valve, 5 Year Results - Olaf Wendler,King’s.

11.05-11.15      Update on the UK, TAVI Registry - Peter Ludman,Birmingham.

11.15-11.25      TAVI for differing Root Anatomy, KeyQuestions - Darren Mylotte, Galway.

11.25-11.35     PEARS for Aortic Root Enlargement - Alistair Graham,Belfast.

11.35-11.45     Hemisternotomy Vs ART Incisions - Max Baghai, King’s,London.

11.45-12.00     New TAVI technologies - Adrian Banning,Oxford.

12.00-12.30     THE HEART TEAM IN ACTION:

Difficult cases to be discussed by Heart Teams

   Chaired by: Plymouth

   Cases submitted by: Kings, Liverpool, Dublin, Brompton, Leeds

   Discussed by: Bristol, Blackpool, Plymouth,Middlesbrough

12.30 - 13.30    LUNCH



                     Complete revascularization - let’s discuss! - Julian Strange, Bristol.

14.00-14.30    COFFEEBREAK

14.30-14.50     Multivessel Minimally Invasive CoronaryRevascularisation

                     - Dr Kieta Kikuchi, Chairman of Cardiac Surgery, Wuhan, China.

14.50 - 15.10   HREVS : A Randomised Trial of PCI Vs CABG Vs Hybrid Revascularisation in patients with coronary                            disease - Vladimir Ganyukov, Kemerovo,Russia.

15.10-15.25     PCI Vs CABG: Syntax, Diabetes is it so clear?- Umberto Benedetto, Bristol.

15.25-15.45     Ischaemic Coronary and Mitral disease, my approach - F. Maisano

15.45-15.55     MRI guiding Coronary Intervention, the future - Caroline Daly,Dublin.

15.55-16.10     The LIMA Graft is still King in Kings - Ranjit Deshpande, Kings ,London

16.10-16.25      Economics of Robotic Cardiac Surgery - Lognathan Balacumaraswami,Stoke.

16.25 - 16.40   RA-MIDCAB and TECAB - where is the future- TonyDeSouza, Brompton, London.

16.40-17.00     The Heart Team in Action - Adrian Large,Stoke.

COURSE DINNER           Convention Centre 7.30 pm

Friday 7th Dec


Chaired by:     Middlesbrough andBristol

08.00-08.30     An Introduction to the Mitral Valve - Otavio Alfieri

08.30-08.45     What is 2+ MR on Echo? - Roger Byrne,Dublin.

08.45-09.15     Minimally Invasive Solution to Ischaemic Mitral Regurgitation.

                     - Hermann Reichenspurner, Chairman Hamburg Heart Centre.

09.15-09.30     TOE in the OR - KenPalmer

09.30-10.00     Robotic Mitral Surgery is PrimeTime - Didier Loulmet, NYU,USA.

10.00-10.30     COFFEEBREAK

Chaired by: Blackpool and Brompton

10.30-10.45     Minimally Invasive surgery: the spectrum-Joseph Zacharias,Blackpool.

10.45-11.00     MIS Success is related to Pain Relief - Ali Parnell,Sheffield.

11.00-11.15       Robotic Mitral Surgery; setting up a program - Paul Modi,Liverpool.

11.15-11.30       Percutaneous Chordal Repair - Steve Livesey, Southampton.

11.30-11.45      Transapical Mitral Replacements: Update - Neil Moat, Brompton.

11.45-12.00     Newer Mitral and Tricuspid Technologies - Francesco Maisano, Zurich.

12.00-13.30     LUNCH & POSTER COMPETITION (Kings and Plymouth)


                    - Piotr Suwalski, President-Elect of ISMICS, Warsaw. Professor Sebastuan Stec, Warsaw..

14.30-15.00      THE HEART TEAM INACTION:

Difficult cases to be discussed by Heart Teams

Chaired by: Plymouth

Cases submitted by: Kings, Liverpool, Dublin, Brompton, Leeds

Discussed by: Bristol, Blackpool, Plymouth, Middlesbrough

15.00-15.30     COFFEEBREAK

Chaired by: Belfast and Pap-worth.

15.30-15.45     UK Mitral Trial update: - Enoch Akowuah, Middlesbrough.

15.45-16.00     French MitraClip and COAPT Trial Update

                     - Neil Moat / Rob Smith, Brompton.

16.00 - 16.15     Scale of The Tricuspid Problem & A New Tricuspid Valve, Bench to Bedside- Martin Quinn, Dublin.

16.15-16.30     Minimally Invasive HOCM Surgery - Joseph Zacharias,Blackpool.

16.30-16.40     Subxiphoid ‘Convergent’ AF ablationSurgery

                      - Chris Blauth, St Thomas, London.

16.40-16.55     Bilateral Totally Thoracoscopic AF Ablation plus LA appendage occlusion

                    - Steven Hunter, Sheffield.

16.55-17.10     Affording new devices in the NHS - Olaf Wendler,  King’s,London.

17.15               Closing Address - Steven Hunter, President of BISMICS.

17.30-17.45    BISMICS Committee Meeting